Notes on Using reMemo.info

reMemo.info sends reminders by email or text message so appointments are kept, important medications are taken, and activities aren't missed. reMemos can be sent by caregivers, doctors, dentists, therapists or even yourself to give a heads up that you have an appointment. reMemos can be sent the day before an appointment or on the day of the appointment to tell you to “Get Ready”.

reMemos can also be set up to help with activities of daily living (ADLs). Persons who have had a stroke or head injury often have trouble remembering to do things and remembering the sequence of steps that they need to do for an ADL. The ADL reMemos are more detailed than appointment reMemos and may be sent in several steps. For example, get ready for school reMemos might start at 6:30 with a wake up text. Then at 6:45 a brush your teeth and shower reMemo. A reMemo to leave now and don't forget your homework and lunch would be sent at 7:12.

reMemos can be customized for each person and scheduled to be sent once or on a recurring basis. reMemos that are used frequently can be saved and used later. reMemos can only be sent to persons who have agreed to receive them. We have a verification process set up to ensure that unsolicited reMemos are not sent.

The reMemo.info can be used right now to schedule reMemos, manage recipients, and manage recurring reMemos. We'll be adding some features in the coming weeks that will make it easier to use. High on the list are more stored messages, bulk scheduling, and resending reMemos. We will also provide a way for people who receive messages to find out who sent them, in case they forgot that they signed up to receive the message. As features are finished they will be incorporated into the site, so don't be surprised if the site changes every once in a while.

We do all of our development with Safari and Chrome, so all of the features will work on those browsers when we release a new version. We frequently test the site on Firefox (Mac and Windows), so everything should work fine on that browser as well.

It can be confusing to talk about messages and reMemos and scheduling without a common vocabulary. The following list explains what we mean by most of the terms that we use on the site.


A text-message or email that is sent to a recipient.
A reMemo has two parts, a Message that appears as the subject of the text or email and Comments which are an optional part of a reMemo.
Scheduled reMemo
A reMemo that is in the delivery queue for delivery on the current day.
Scheduled reMemos may be managed on the 'Scheduled' page.
Sent reMemo
A reMemo that has been sent to a recipient.
Sent reMemos are viewable for a short time after they are sent.
Recurring reMemo
A reMemo that will be scheduled for delivery on a regular basis.
The person who receives a reMemo.
Someone who has permission to send reMemo, view reMemos, add recipients, or manage an account.
Account Holder
The person or company paying for the service.
A collection of users, recipients, and reMemos.
Accounts have:
  • Users
  • An Address Book of recipients
  • Stored messages
  • A list of scheduled reMemos
  • A list of sent reMemos
Stored Message
Messages that are saved by the system and available from a drop-down menu. System Messages are available to everyone. Account Messages are created and saved by users of a specific account and are only available to that account.
Address Book
A list of recipients and their contact info.
Levels of access to the reMemo system (see below).


There are several kinds of reMemos that can be sent. The simplest is a reMemo that is sent once—at the same time an activity is supposed to happen. Suppose you have a lunch date with Grandma on Wednesday. You might schedule a reMemo that says “Meet Grandma for lunch today.” At lunch time you would get a reMemo to meet Grandma.

However, Grandma doesn't go out to lunch every day and might need a 'Get Ready' reMemo a half hour before your lunch date. She won't need a reMemo at lunch time. You can click the checkbox for Only Send 'Get Ready' and she'll get a reMemo—a half hour before lunch time—that she has a lunch date with you.

More complicated reMemos can also be sent. Your client might have to take a pill at a certain time on an empty stomach. The 'Get Ready' reMemo would be set up for an hour before it is time to take the pill to tell them not to eat anything for the next hour. Another reMemo would be sent when it is time to take the pill.

If the pill taking is a daily occurrence, reMemos can be scheduled to be sent at the same time every day. Likewise, clients that you see several times each week can get a 'Get Ready' reMemo for M-W-F or T-Th.

If you only see a client once a month, they might need a reMemo the day before that they have an appointment scheduled. The Send a reMemo the day before. checkbox lets you send a reMemo the day before the appointment.


A password is required to view reMemos and recipients. Passwords and permissions for users are set by the account holder. If you are subject to HIPPA you should take all the precautions required by law to ensure that only authorized persons are given passwords to the reMemo site. Permissions levels are:

Account Holder
Send reMemos, edit scheduled reMemos, view sent reMemos, add users, delete users, add recipients, manage stored messages.
Send, edit scheduled reMemos, view sent reMemos, add recipients and users.
Viewer - Not Yet Implemented
View sent and scheduled reMemos.
Recipient - Not Yet Implemented
View sent and scheduled reMemos to themselves.


reMemo can only be used to send messages to recipients who agree to receive them. A verification message must be sent to each recipient and acknowledged before scheduled reMemos are sent. This will ensure that that the phone number or email address was entered correctly and that the recipient agrees to accept reMemos. When you add a recipient's cell phone to your address book, reMemo will immediately send an alpha-numeric code to their cell phone. It will usually take less than a minute for the text message to arrive. After the verification message is sent, the address book page will refresh and a space will be available to enter the verification code. If the reMemo is to be sent to an email address reMemo will send an email to the recipient. The recipient will be directed to the reMemo site for verification. Messages can be scheduled without verification but they will not be sent until the recipient has verified.